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Do I need an International Driver’s Licence for Europe?

January 4, 2012 (Last Updated: September 5, 2022)
by Carolyn
driving in europe

If you are planning on driving whilst in Europe, it is recommended that you obtain an international licence, officially called an International Driving Permit (IDP), prior to your departure from Australia (or your home country). 

An IDP is an internationally recognised form of identification, and in many cases is a pre-requisite for hiring a car.

It is compulsory in some European countries to present an IDP, as well as your current Driver’s Licence from home, when collecting your hire or lease vehicle, or when pulled over by police.

So, do you need an international drivers license?

In my own experience, most times we have rented or leased a car in Europe we haven’t been asked to present an international drivers licence – our Australian licence has been sufficient.  This always prompts my husband to ask “why do i need an international driving licence?” before we head off to Europe.

However, for the sake of $40, I would rather be safe than risk a fine for not having one if pulled over by the police for any reason. 

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As you’ll see from the photos below, your car rental company will most likely confirm what licence/s are required to be presented on collection of your hire car.  Some countries, like Germany and France, require only a regular drivers’ licence from home to be presented on collection. 

However, the confirmation of our car hire booking for Switzerland shows that you do need an international driver’s license in Switzerland as well as a regular licence. 

German can rental requirements Confirmation of our German car rental indicated that only a regular driver’s licence from home was required.

Swiss IDP requirements In Switzerland, we needed to present an International Driving Permit as well as a regular licence in order to collect our hire car.

It is worth noting that the requirement to hold an International Driver’s License may be a law of a specific country and not necessarily a requirement of a rental car company.  If you are pulled over by police whilst driving in Europe, you may be fined for not holding a valid IDP if that particular country requires foreign drivers to present one. (See the comment by Suzanne below.)

According to the RACV website, failure to hold an International Driving Permit can result in exclusion from your travel insurance policy for a loss caused whilst driving overseas.  If you plan to drive in Europe without an IDP, I strongly recommend you check the conditions of your travel insurance regarding this.

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How to get an International Drivers Licence

International Driving Permits can be purchased online from your State’s local motoring organisation (in Australia these include RACQ, RACV, NRMA, etc.). You will need to complete an online form and upload a scan of the front and back of your current drivers’ licence and a passport-sized photo.  

IDPs cost less than $40 and are valid for 12 months. The International Driving Permit will be posted to you once it has been issued.

Where to get your International Drivers Licence

Getting your IDP is as simple as visiting your local motoring organisation outlet.  In Australia, International Driving Permits can be issued by RACV, NRMA, RAQ and other state motoring organisations. IDPs can also be purchased online (refer to the section above).

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