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Planning Your Holiday to Europe? Make it a Guided Tour!

December 17, 2018 (Last Updated: November 11, 2022)
by Carolyn
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Guided tours suffer a mixed reputation. Without a doubt, the uninitiated are wary. You might have visions of overcrowded coaches and (obvious) tourists jostling to keep up with the paddle waving tour leader, all the way from the Eiffel Tower to the Colosseum.

Ah, but that was the good old days!

These days a multi-day Europe tour offers an itinerary curated by destination experts, experiences that immerse you into local cultures and VIP entry to world class attractions (so you don’t have to line up).

Other benefits include value for money, a safe and secure way to travel as well as a blend of organised and free time to explore on your own.

This is overwhelmingly what the initiated like about taking a guided tour to Europe, they also wax lyrical about their likeminded travel companions, some of whom become lifetime friends.

So, when you are planning your holiday to Europe, here are just some of the reasons to consider a multi-day guided tour.

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Take the time and stress out of holiday planning

Planning your holiday to Europe can be both overwhelming and time consuming. Europe, as we all know, is rich with countries, history, culture and bucket list attractions.

At each border the language changes and the culture can be diverse to their neighbour. Touring experts know Europe in depth and they have insider information you won’t find in the guide books.

Europe itineraries are crafted with this expertise, knowledge of the destinations and local networks (as well as customer feedback) to create itineraries that will fulfil your bucket list.

All you have to do is choose the tour that will realise your dream trip.

Your travel budget stretches further

You might think taking a guided tour through Europe will be expensive and on first look might find the tour price supports your thinking.

The good news? A guided tour exists for every budget, from budget tours to luxury tours that will indulge your every whim.

If you choose an all inclusive tour, you will pay for everything in the tour price and your costs, once you are on the tour, will only be incidental or for souvenirs.

On other tours, some excursions are included, and you choose to take extra experiences offered (or you might choose to use that ‘extras’ time to explore on your own).

View the tour prices in terms of the travel, excursions and accommodations that are included in each itinerary and remember these are split across the tour group.

When you unpack the individual costs, you will find the value often gives you more for your holiday budget than you can expect if you chose to travel Europe independently the same way.

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You have choice when it comes to group size

For many people the size of the tour group does matter! If you like to meet people when you travel, then the social opportunities created by travelling in a large group (40 – 50 people) might be for you.

If you prefer to travel with less people look into small group tours. You can travel with as few as 10 – 12 people, or in groups that might have 24 people.

The choice is yours and you can rest assured that not only you will find a tour to match your wish list, you will also delight in the likeminded travellers who share the journey.

Doors open to amazing experiences

We all know there is a well trodden tourist path across Europe.

When you explore Europe on a guided tour the doors open to authentic cultural experiences that will connect you to the people and the places you visit.

You will be inspired by the stories of the local guides who genuinely love sharing their culture and country.

What’s more the connections tour operators have in each destination open special access to attractions or signature experiences.

It might be an out of hours visit to the Louvre or St Peter’s Basilica, or a dinner hosted by royalty in their auspicious residence. (These once in a lifetime moments cannot be achieved when you travel independently).

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Get more from each day of your holiday

It goes without saying that if you travel Europe on a guided tour you will get more out of your holiday. You might wonder how this is so?

Everything has been organised for you before you leave home!

Your transport between cities and within cities is organised.

Your VIP entrance to attractions is sorted so there is no waiting in hours long queues to get into those iconic European attractions. So no time is wasted working out timetables, getting lost or standing in line!

You don’t have to wander through streets looking for your accommodation or restaurants!

And, if you do choose to explore on your own or need to find a café for your own lunch on some days of your trip, your tour leader will share their extensive local knowledge to help narrow the choice and that also saves you time, so you can linger longer.

A balance of excursions and free time

You like the idea of exploring Europe on a multi-day guided tour, but you are wondering if that means all your time is prearranged? You might find that suffocating?

Everyone occasionally needs time to themselves and sometimes you might want to step away from the group and wander on your own. Tour operators understand and respect this.

You will find some tours constantly on the go with activities and excursions while others offer some relaxed (later) starts or multi night stays in Europe’s iconic cities. So you can have a blend of guided and free time.

Regardless of the tour, you have the choice to do every activity on offer or to take some me-time to meander the cobbled stone streets alone.

That’s why a guided tour of Europe offers you the perfect balance for your next holiday!

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You can travel with confidence

Perhaps you are travelling solo or you want to explore countries that are off Europe’s popular tourist trail.

You may have read about recent threats to tourist safety in some European cities and have concerns for your security.

On a guided tour, itineraries have been curated with your safety, security and comfort top of mind.

Travelling in a group means you can stretch your comfort zone to explore those lesser known pockets of Europe with likeminded people who want to do the same.

You can travel solo, but not be alone and you can safely go beyond your limits on a guided tour of Europe.

This post was contributed by Global Journeys.

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