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Review: LUXE City Guides

June 20, 2017 (Last Updated: May 14, 2020)
by Carolyn
Luxe city guides

A few years ago a friend of a friend gave me a LUXE Paris City Guide as she knew I was soon to be visiting Paris. She had used the guide on her trip to Paris and raved about some of the great ‘finds’ she’d made thanks to their inclusion in LUXE Paris.

My upcoming trip was a family one, though, and with two young teenage boys in tow, it wasn’t likely that there would be much shopping, visiting of bars or unfortunately, staying in any of the trendy boutique hotels included in the guide.

So whilst I was impressed with the LUXE Paris guide, it didn’t travel to Paris with me on that trip.

Recently I was re-introduced to LUXE City Guides when I was given copies of both the Amsterdam (third edition) and Berlin (fifth edition) guides to review, and I’m still impressed.

Don’t for a minute think that LUXE City Guides are just another take on Lonely Planet or Eyewitness travel guides.  They aren’t.

  Luxe city guide Amsterdam app The digital version of Luxe City Guides can be accessed without Wi-Fi connection.


Luxe city guide hotels Accommodation options suit various budgets but are chosen for their quality and uniqueness. 

I love the compact format of Luxe City Guides. Although packed with info, each guide weighs less than 50 grams.

For starters, the guides are compact and very light, making them perfect to slip into your handbag or even your pocket.  In a pull-out concertina format, the guides come with their own plastic cover to keep them protected from spills and raindrops.

Then, there’s the info that you’ll find in the guides which differentiates them from those mentioned above.  With a tag line of ‘shopping, dining, lifestyle’ you come to realise that these are not your regular ‘tourist’ guide books.

I spent ages poring over the guides and visiting the websites of the hotels and boutiques mentioned. Rather than just list the standard accommodation and sights that are on the normal tourist trail, LUXE guides (as the name suggests) target the traveller who is looking for a more luxurious experience.

Accommodation options are still provided in various price brackets but they’ve been carefully selected for their quality and uniqueness.   

Similarly, there’s a range of experiences suggested that will definitely add that bit of luxury to your holiday.  Want to know where to enjoy the best spa and beauty treatments, find a perfumery in Berlin or dine on the best canal-side terrace in Amsterdam?  LUXE City Guides have you covered.

With shopping itineraries, tried and tested tips on the must-see sights that every tourist visits, and lots of useful info on dining and where to find essential services like a doctor or pharmacy, LUXE City Guides are a comprehensive guide to take with you on your travels.

Luxe city guide Amsterdam As well as plenty of unique suggestions, LUXE City Guides also provide insider tips on each city’s most popular tourist attractions.

LUXE City Guides are currently available for 30 different destinations worldwide including the European cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Paris, London, Florence, Istanbul, Madrid, Milan, Rome and Venice.  Printed guides are USD19.99 each and each comes with a code to download a digital version for free.

If you prefer the digital version only, these can be purchased for USD14.99.  The digital guides include maps, are constantly updated and all content can be accessed without Wi-Fi connection.

To find out more and order your copy, visit the LUXE City Guides website.